Sunday, December 14, 2014


On day 2 of our Thailand trip, outfitter John of picked us up at the Bangkok SilQ hotel at 3:30am for a 2 hour drive by van to the Ratchburi Providence to fish at IT Monsters-Predator Lake. This is definately my favorite Thailand fishing destination as monster redtail catfish, pacu, thail catfish, alligator gar, arapaiama, and others can be landed for as long as your arms can take the pounding! Good spinning rods and reels were provided by John, but a few of us brought along our own fishing equipment. I used an older model Shimano Symetre reel spooled with 50lbs PowerPro line, along with a 6ft 6in 2 piece medium spinning rod. The bait of choice was tilapia. Redtail catfish also known as pirarara in the Amazon basin are tremendous fighters and can reach weights exceeding 100lbs. They have a predominate red tail with a plate of armor protecting its head. They are very abundant in the IT Monsters-Predator Lake. Friend, Steve Ryan, landed one of the largest redtail catfish we have landed in 4 years of fishing this venue. Chuck Boyian landed a decent Chao Paraya Catfish and I landed a huge Thail catfish. Everyone in the group landed over 30 redtail catfish and a lots of alligator gar and a few huge pacu. We fished till darkness set in and it was again a great day of fishing in the Land of Monster Fish!

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