Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Day 6 of my Thailand trip led us to the Sukhapibahn 1 distict of Bangkok to fish Bungsamran. Bungsamran, founded in 1984, is without a doubt the most famous of all Thai fisheries. Here, thousands of monster Mekong Catfish, stripped catfish, Giant Siamese Carp, etc.. swim. Fishing is done out of furnished huts directly on the water some complete with beds, TVs, refrigerators, couches, etc.. Room service is avaialbe for drinks and eats. The fishing is simply amazing as Mekong Catfish can be caught until your arms cannot handle the pain anymore. Mekong Catfish in my opinon are in the top 5 of battlers I have landed. All of us caught numerous Mekongs over 60lbs. Jim and Steve also caught monster Siamese Carp while fishing for Mekong's is which quite rare. Outfitter John of again made sure our fishing stay at Bungsamran was amazing. Everything is included in the package including Shimano baitrunner reels, quality rods and guides plus bait. Bungsamran is definately a place to put on your must to fish list!

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