Sunday, December 21, 2014


Looking for a last minutre Christmas gift for the fisherperson in your life? Well there are thousands of items out there. You might want to consider stuffing their stocking with handmade lures from Kermett Adams of Kermett makes the best peacock bass lures on the market bar none! How about purchasing a gift card from local tackle stores such as Cabelas and Bass Pro Shops? Shimano and Daiwa make outstanding rods and reels which are quite inexpensive for quality items. IF you looking to send one on their dream fishing trip consider contacting friend Steve Yatomi at Here you can plan fishing trips throughout the world with the help of Steve. If you budget is not in the works for an expensive International trip consider valve fishing trip in the USA such as Keith Kennedy of Born to Fish Charters for monster redfish in LA or Capt. Eddie Bussard for huge largemouth bass in Florida. Christmas is a great time to give Thanks. Make sure to reward your parents for the great job and sacrifices they made. Also get your kids, nieces, etc.. involved in fishing. Get them outside away from the TV and into nature. Believe me, this will be a positive as they age. Fishing is a great pastime and lasts a liftime. Get out of the house and enjoy yourself!! You deserve it!

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