Saturday, January 21, 2012


In most cases, snap swivels are the choice of all to make lure changing fast. However in certain cases when targeting monster fish, the swivels are not strong enough or are so massive that they hinder the lures action. Another choice of a few are to use a double split ring system. OWNER makes a solid, seamless spilt ring. The idea is to tie your line to this solid ring then join this ring to a spilt ring to the lure. Wolverine tackle makes the stongest spilt rings in the world. They use a triple coiled procedure where there are 3 strands of wire instead of the normal 2 on most rings. For monster fish, I suggest using a size 6 Wolverine triple coiled ring attached to a size 6.5 OWNER solid ring which is rated for 300lbs. So consider this option on your next fishing trip for monsters!!
** photos provide from friend Art Weston who tests most terminal fishing tackle

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