Sunday, January 15, 2012


They are numerous type of fishing lure snaps on the market. The snaps attach to your line then the fishing lure to provide a quick means of changing lures plus sometimes added movement on the lure. Often, I am asked as to which is the best. In my opinion it all depends on the type of fish your are after. The Interlock Snaps are good for small fish as there is a wire lock on the side to prevent it from opening. Often this is the weak link and opens freeing your lure. The Duo-Lock Snaps are similar in my opinion. Coastlock Snaps are good for species such as pike, walleye, bass but not for the heavyweights! The wire hooks around to prevent the lure from becoming free. The Double-Lok Snaps are normally my choice. They are very strong and popular with anglers after trophy fish. The wire is hooked twice around the main wire section to make it extra strong. When going after the really big heavyweights consider the Stay-Lok Sanps as it has a unique design which ensures it comes not come open. They are the strongest on the market in my opinion. So when fishing with lures, consider using snaps!

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