Saturday, June 4, 2011


Sorubim are very large catfish which are found in the Amazon basin, the rivers of Argentina, and a few ponds in Thailand.
They are cool looking fish with black spots and black strips.
Unlike most catfish, they readily hit spoons and plugs. They are often caught while fishing for peacock bass or golden dorado.
Fishing with live or dead bait is highly productive especially at night. The Sorubim is a very strong fighter and will make long runs for cover.
In places such as Argentina, there are monster sorubim tournaments which last a few days. Friend Enzo Rico, La Zona guide for golden dorado, normallly participates in the Sorubim tournaments and has been Champion in the past.
Sorubim are some of the best catfish for the table.
The World Record Sorubim according to the IGFA is 117lb 15oz caught on the Panara River in Corrientes Argentina by Joao Neto while fishing on Feb 2000

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