Saturday, June 18, 2011


Arctic Grayling are often called the sailfish of the north due to its large sail-like dorsal fin. In monster male Grayling the dorsal fin can often reach back to the small adipose fin.

Grayling are found in the Northern Waters of Alaska, Northern Canada, and Siberia. I have fished for huge Grayling on Great Bear Lake which is located in the Canadian Arctic with great luck.

Grayling often grown to over 20 inches and reach weights over 3 pounds. Their body is normally grayish with tints of purple blue. The body has numerous body spots.

Grayling will readily take small spinners and small flies. They are a blast to catch on ultra-lite equipment.

Grayling are a very good eating fish with firm white filets.

According to the IGFA, the world record Arctic Grayling is 5 lbs 15 oz landed by Jeanne Branson on the Katseyedie River, NWT Canada,on August 1967

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