Thursday, June 9, 2011


The Arawana swims in the rivers of Africa, South American, Southeast Asia, and Australia.
Often when fishing in the Amazon for peacock bass, arawanas are plentiful. They take surface lures and flies.
They are an elogated fish with silver coloration and has 2 barbels on the lower jaw of its upturned mouth.
When hooked, Arawana jump like a baby tarpon.
They feed on small animals, insects, fish, birds, and snakes and have been known to jump over 3 feet out of the water to catch prey in trees.
Arawana can reach a length of 4 ft.
The World Record Arawana according to the IGFA was landed by Gilberto Fernandes on July 2009 while fishing Aruman Lake in the Amazonas, Brazil. The record arawana weighed 13lbs 4oz.

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