Sunday, June 5, 2011


Redfish, also known as red drum, are found in the western Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. They are distinguised from it's cousin, the black drum, by having a red overtone to it's body. It also has a large black spot about the size of an eye near it's tail. Many redfish have been known to have numerous black spots.

Redfish are excellent fighters when hooked. They are also very good eating.

One of the best places to catch trophy bull redfish is out of Venice, LA while fishing with Captain Keith Kennedy. Keith operates "Born To Fish" Charters and supplies everything including the fishing license.

Capt Keith has a few remaining openings for this season as the fishing is getting red hot with warm weather. Friend Gary Clark recently returned with his group landing over 75 redfish and 25 trout while fishing with Capt Keith.

To get into this fantastic redfish fishing, contact Capt Keith Kennedy at (504) 908-3108

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