Saturday, April 30, 2011


An angler visiting top golden dorado destinations such as La Zona needs to pack a few terminal tackle items that will enhance your percentage of landing trophy dorado.

It is essential to change all split rings on all lures. I have had numerous split rings pull apart by giant dorado to learn this valuble lesson. I highly recommend all split rings be replaced by the triple coiled rings made by the Wolverine Tackle Company. I can testify that these are the strongest split rings on the market. Each ring has a superior 3-coil design and a special heat treatment process. The rings come in either black, stainless steel, or zinc nickel. I prefer the stainless steel rings in size #6 which has a 200 tes/lb rating and size #7 which has a 270 test/lb rating.

Due to the razor sharp teeth a dorado possesses, a wire leader is necessary to prevent your line from being cut. I use a wire leader which is 12 to 16 inches long. I make my own leaders using 135lbs coated leader wire from American Fishing Wire. I crimp on a size #6 Berkley Cross-Lok Snap on one end of the wire and crimp on a size #4 SPRO Power Swivel on the other end.

Most store bought lures come equipped with ineffcient hooks for dorado. A dorado can bend cheaply made hooks inot a pretzel! Therefore, I replace the hooks with Owner 2/0, 3/0, and 4/0 ST-41 or ST-66 trebles. These hooks are super strong and laser sharp. A strong sharp hook is necessary to penetrate the powerful jaws of a dorado.

In conclusion before heading on your next trip to dorado or other exotic species, take the time to make sure all your terminal tackle is top of the line so that a once in a lifetime trophy is not lost due to cheap tackle!!

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