Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Alaska Fishing-The Alaska Peninsula

Fishing in Alaska is just around the corner. Shortly big king salmon will be entering the rivers where they were born for spawning. Later sockeyes, chums, silvers, and silvers will also enter their birthplaces. Giant char, dolly varden, and rainbow trout follow these spawners gorging themselves on their eggs.

Perhaps the best fishing in the entire state of Alaska takes place on the remote Alaska Peninsula. Here Gary LaRose operates one of the best lodges on the Alaska Peninsula for fishing and hunting.

LaRose offers king salmon and sockeye salmon beginning in June. Later in August, the best silver salmon fishing on this planet takes place on the Cinder River which is about a 15 minute flight from the lodge. Here you will see no other fishermen other than those in your group and those on 4 legs (brown bears),

Gary operates Pumice Creek Lodge which is approx 376 air miles east of Anchorage and 86 air miles south of King Salmon. He caters to small groups of 6 and offers daily flyouts to the hotspots. The LaRose Guide Service started in 1967 with Gary's dad guiding clients, so Gary has been involved with fishing and hunting his entire life.

Gary also offers world class moose , brown bear, and Canadian goose hunting.

Clients are housed in a spacious building and ample meals such as prime rib, steaks, moose steaks, fresh salmon are provided in abundance by LaRose.

I have fished the Alaska Peninsula for the past 22 years for silver salmon and can highly boost of the fishing at the Cinder River and of Pumice Creek Lodge.

Book now for the 2011 and 2012 season. Check out Gary's new website at


  1. alaska seafood is really having great time......

  2. Hmm Fishing, seems like I have a new spot for it. After having a stop here, I will go there and catch too many fish. hehehehe :P