Friday, April 8, 2011


Capt. Jean-Francois Helias of has recently caught or guided 3 potential IGFA records which have been submitted for approval.

First Capt Francois landed a potential record Tinfoil Barb which weighed in at 0.49kg.

Secondly Francois guided UK angler Natalie Carter to a 7.43kg Sorubim which will qualify as a Junior Angler Female Category record.

Thirdly and not to be outdone by her sister, Courtnery Carter landed a 8.73kg Alligator Gar which will also qualify in the Junior Angler Female Category.

Capt. Francois has guided hundreds to record fish. Give him a call at (668) 1 846 98 94 or write him at and you might get your name in the Record Book!

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