Saturday, April 9, 2011


The Arapaima is the largest freshwater scaled fish. It grows to enormous sizes sometimes reaching the middle hundred pound mark. It is also well known for its fighting ability. The Arapaima boasts scales up to a couple of inches across, tinted in anything from iridescent olive greens to charcoal blacks and bright silver and with increasing amounts of scarlet red tipping each scale.Many locals often use the scales as files or to sharpen knives, etc.. It has a body similar to a pike.

In the Amazon they are called Piraracu with the current record being 286lbs 9oz landed on the Rio Negro in Brazil. While targeting species such as peacock bass, Piraracu are often seen gulping air! They are very difficult to hook especially on artifical lures.

The Arapaima is an Introduced Species into many of the ponds of Thailand. Here your odds greatly increase of landing this species then fishing in the Amazon.

Capt. Francois Helias based out of Bangkok, Thailand knows when and where to land this monster. Get in touch with him at plus check out his site at

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