Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Nothing beats the excitement of having fish hit surface lures.  During low water conditons, poppers and choppers can produce some monster fish.  Cast these lures around rocks and other known structure.  For poppers try various retrieves sometimes producing loud popping sounds and others popping very fastly.  Some of the top golden dorado choppers are the Zayaia Minotaurio.  This popper can produce loud sounds and has large protruding eyes.
The Roosta Popper by Halco comes in various sizes.  I have used these poppers for golden dorado and Papua New Guinea black bass.  These lures have crisp rattles which can also tempt shy fish to strike.

Kermett Adams of www.klures.com makes a model of poppers which have been known to produce large golden dorado, monster peacock bass, and big largemouth bass.

So, make sure you add a few of these poppers to you assortment of tackle.  Practice beforehand and you might have some great topwater action and some monster fish!!

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