Monday, May 13, 2013


When the water levels reach high levels in areas such as La Zona, one needs to utilize deep diving lures to get down to where the monsters lay.
For speices such as golden dorado, large lures over 7in which can dive to depths over 25ft are necessary.  These lures need to be able to run true at high speeds and are built tough enough to withstand pounding on rocks, arm breaking strikes,  etc.   A top priority is to have a wire through construction which will enable to fish to be landed when hooks are pulled out.
It is necessary at most times to replace the split rings with the triple coiled Wolverine rings and all hooks with srong Owner ST-66 or ST-76.  I often switch to a heavy mono leader when fishing around sharp rocks while being spooled with braided line.  A stout rod is necessary to feel the lure thumping in heavy currents.  I have found the Muskie series offered by Bass Pro Shops to be the best.  Some of the top deep diving lures I have had great succes with for monster golden dorado are the Yo-Zuri hydro Magnums, Rapala Mag 30, and the Sebile deep diving 7 1/2in Koolie Minnow.

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