Friday, May 24, 2013

La Zona 2014

La Zona Lodge is currently taking reservations for the 2014 season.  La Zona is a section of the Uruguay River which seperates Argentina and Uruguary.  It sits near the Salto Grande Dam of which only 4 boats are allowed to fish in the zone and only during Friday to Monday.  La Zona boasts having the largest golden dorado on earth.  Dorado exceeding 40 pounds are landed weekly with the help of outstanding La Zona Lodge guides which know where these monsters swim year round.
Plans are currently being made by lodge owner, Hector Bradanini, to build a new lodge for next season.  A new fiberglass boat/ motor is being bought also.
Having fish La Zona for numerous years I can help answer any questions at  For booking information contact Steve Yatomi at Adventure Travel Alliance.  Steve can provide priceless information on this fishery and can help out with travel arrangements to Argentina.  Steve can be reached at

These prime spots are in very high demand so act quickly to secure the fishing trip of your dreams!

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