Sunday, November 18, 2012


Steve Yatomi of recently led a group of fishermen into the remote Gulf region of Papua New Guinea for monster PNG black bass and barramundi.  Facing high water conditions, guides Jason Yip who runs the operation,, and his team of top guides including Angus Donald and Moli Hidaka where still able to put the group onto some fish of a life time.  A monster 44lbs PNG black bass was landed which is the 2nd largest caught on record, next to potential IGFA world record bass landed by Jason Yip earlier this year.  Also bonus barramundi up to 42lbs were landed.  The fising season in the remote Gulf starts in June and runs till November.  Jason Yip takes around 7 groups into this area.  New river systems are being explored where reports of monster bass lurk.  During my stay the chief of the natives in the area told of many unexplored/unfished rivers teeming with monster bass.  These bass in my opinon are the top freshwater fighting fish on earth.  They are landed in excessive log jams and use these to their advantage as normally if you cannot turn the bass in 2 seconds the battle is gone.  Each trip numerous rods are broken, reel drag gears stripped, bent hooks, destroyed split rings, etc...   
As Steve Yatomi says: " You don't go elephant hunting using a pea shooter" as his Bass Pro Pete Mania Musky Rod was no match to these brutes.  If you up to the challenge I highly recommend you contact Steve at for more information on one of the last remaining untapped regions on earth!

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