Saturday, November 10, 2012


The Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame is located in Hayward, WI.  It started in the early 1980s with the intention to recognize record freshwater fish plus promote conservation.  The foundation is a giant muskie which I have visited numerous times.  Here, numerous fish mounts, collections of vintage tackle and motors, photos, and other fishing relics are displayed.  Currently the Freshwater Hall of Fame recognizes 81 species for record consideration.
The International Game Fish Association is based in Dania Beach, Florida.  The foundation has a massive collection of record fish mounts, photos, books and other educational items.  IGFA promotes conservation worldwide and maintains records of both freshwater and saltwater species.
 The IGFA has received a bad rap as leaning toward saltwater species in my opinion.  It appears the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame is limited to species found in North America.  There is a great opportunity for the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame to expand Internationally with sought after species such as golden dorado, tigerfish, Nile perch, Papua New Guinea Bass, to name a few.
So, on your next visit to Hayward, please mention to include ALL freshwater species worldwide!!!

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