Sunday, November 11, 2012


Speaking from experience, Papua New Guinea Black Bass are the toughest pound for pound freshwater fish on earth bar none!  These brutes constantly destroy the best of tackle, bend the toughest hooks, open strong spilt rings, burn out locked down drag gears, and break rods to mention a few.  Steve Yatomi of hosts groups of fishermen each year into perhaps the most remote area on earth!  Here, natives have never seen modern technology and still live off the land.  You will have a chance to visit a few of these remote villages and even purchase some goods such as bow and arrows, knives, pottery, plus many others.  On my trip I found the people of Papua New Guinea to be very friendly.
Jason Yip of is the only outfitter allowed by the locals to fish their waters in remote areas such as the Gulf Coast.  Here PNG bass up to 46lbs have been landed and Jason swears to have seen bass over 60lbs swimming.  There are also bonus monster barramundi to battle with .  These fish make local muskys look like whimps!  The initial strike is unbelieable as I was knocked on my face during my 40lbs PNG bass hit.  These rivers are filled with logjams and snags which the bass use to their advantage.  If you think your a top of the line fishermen, I dare you to battle the PNG black bass!  This past year the popularity has greatly increased with groups such as Yatomi's and mine putting the word out.  Only a few trips as scheduled for 2013, so I highly recommund you get in touch with Steve Yatomi as soon as possible before they are booked.  You can write Steve at or you can get in touch with me at for more information on this once in a lifetime total experience!

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