Saturday, October 8, 2011


Had the opportunity to fish Yellow Lake during September 28th to October 6. Yellow Lake is located in Burnett County which is located in the Northwestern corner of Wisconsin. Yellow Lake has a surface area of 22870 acres and has a maximum depth of 31ft. The lake connects into Little Yellow Lake. Rivers flow into and out of the Yellow Lakes.

Yellow Lake is known for big walleyes, hugh sturgeon, monster muskies, and abundance of panfish. During my trip walleyes would be the main target.

I first fished Yellow Lake in 1969 and have fished there every year since. My parents originally owed a summer cabin later moving to a full time house. Current my folks have moved and I now stay at a friends house.

Walleye fishing was excellent during my stay. Limits (3) were the norm each time out with a monster 29in which was released being the largest.

The lake was in full turnover mode which brings the big walleyes into the deep water mud flats in search of prey-perch.

Wisconsin allows each angler to use 3 rods. I used 1 leadcore line rod which was spooled with 18lbs test. I fished in approx 26 ft and used small Hot-N-Tot lures just off the bottom while trolling. On my other 2 rods, I used them on downriggers using Cotton Cordell small deep minnows put the lures down 15ft and approx 75 ft behind the downrigger balls. Boat speed is really important as I try to motor between 1.8 to 2.2 mph. This type of deep water mud flat action normally last around 3 weeks before the lake turnover is complete and the waters really cool down.

During my stay the weather was unusually warm for fall with temps hitting in the 80 degree mark. The water temperature was a warm 62 deg.

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