Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Split Rings

A peacock bass friend of mine recently preformed numerous tests to find the strongest split rings and hooks. With his permission I will give a recap of his findings on the strongest split rings.
The rings tested were
1. Owner Hyperwire Size 6
2. Joe Butcher Outdoors Super Strength Size 5
3. SPRO Power Size 5
4. Lure Parts On-Line 3x Super rings size 5

The results are as follows:
Owner Hyperwire Size 6 held up to 60lbs
Joe Butcher Outdoors Super Strength Size 5 held up to 70lbs
SPRO Power Size 5 held up to 80lbs
Lure Part On-Line 3x Super Size 5 held up to 100lbs

I sent my friend a few of my Size 6 Wolverine triple coiled rings to compare to the Lure Parts On-Line 3x rings size 6.
The Wolverine rings held up to his testing max of 120lbs while the Lure Parts On-line started to come apart around 110lbs.

I have used the Wolverine triple coiled rings for years catching monster golden dorado. I highly recommend anyone targeting "tough" fishing fish to switch over to the best rings in the world, Wolverine triple coiled rings!

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