Saturday, October 15, 2011


Recently, I was able to get a box of "The Fisherman" magazine from 1955 and 1956. The magazine was published monthly by Fisherman Press out of Oxford, Ohio. The issues I have sold for 35cents!

The magazines are full of very interesting stories such as "How to select a spinning reel", " Spinning will make you an expert", and many more stories on breakthrough fishing tackle.

The magazine also features many interesting ads such as Kiekhaefer Mercury Motors, U.S. Line Co., Freeland Metal Boats, AlumaCraft Boats, Mepps, Jitterbugs, Pflueger, Penn, Shakespeare Spin-Wondereel plus hundreds of others which are out of business. Back in 1955 the Shakespeare Spin-Wondereel sold for $17.95 while a Pflueger Supreme went for $35.

If you had money, a Johnson Sea-Horse 10hp went for $321 while a Javelin 30hp (electric start) went for a whopping $582

These were the days before modern depthfinders, GPS units, electric trolling motors, lake maps, braided lines,laser sharp hooks, boga grips, big bass boats were around. It is amazing these "early" day fishermen were able to catch anything. Today, I figure most would be lost without their depthfinder, graphite rods, casting reels, braided line, or GPS unit.

I found it fascinating reading the breakthrough articles which paved the way to our modern fishing.

I have a gigantic collection of "IN-Fishermen" and "Fishing Facts" magazine which are still great informative reading even today.

I suggest putting away some of your current fishing magazine and am sure you grandson's and their sons/daughters will be amazed at our out of date techniques and wonder how we caught any fish!!

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