Friday, July 8, 2011


With 22 years of chasing monster silver salmon on the Alaska Peninsula, I have found a few lures far outproduce others.

The top silver lure on my list is the 7/8oz Blue Fox Pixee Spoon. The nickel plate and gold plate with a orange, red, and green insert are by far the best colors on the Peninsula for monster silvers. The Rattlin' Pixee Spoons in the same size/colors are also very good at catching monster silvers. Second on my list is the #5 or #6 Blue Fox Vibrax Spinner in silver blade and orange or pink body. The gold blade also is outstanding. Also have caught numerous big silvers with a purple, green, and chartreuse bodies. Third on my list is the hard to find Luhr Jensen Coho Bolo. The Coho Bolo is great in shallow water. The top model I have found is the silver-bladed, pink-skirted Coho Bolo in the largest size you can find.

One top tip I can give is when the silvers are a bit off, try putting a pink squid skirt on the end of the Pixee Spoon and the Vibrax Spinner which will definately make lure shy silvers active.

I am once again heading to Gary LaRose's Pumice Creek Lodge for monster silvers in mid September for a week of fishing. LaRose's Lodge offers some of best silver fishing on this planet in fisheries you will see no others than the local Brown Bears. Send me an e-mail if interested in join me for this great trip. 50 to 75 silvers up to 18lbs are the norm on these Peninsula Rivers plus we will fish a day or 2 for char where 100 char days are the norm.

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