Sunday, July 3, 2011


When you want to change lures very fast, Berkley makes an outstanding snap which enables you to do so. These snaps are made out of high grade stainless steel construction and have a wire over wire lock which enables you to battle the toughest of fish such as golden dorado or tigerfish.

The snaps come in black coloration and in a variety of sizes.

When fishing walleyes I normally use a size 3 snap which is rated for 60lbs. When I make wire leaders for such species as golden dorado I normally use a size 6 which is rated for 100lbs.

In all my years of fishing for monster species I have yet to see these Berkley Cross-Lok Snaps pull apart. Therefore I highly recommend you add a few of these snaps to your tackle box.

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  1. How many of you guys use snap swivel for Mirrolure twitch baits or other hard plastic baits? I use them with spoons but not lures that i like to do anything other then cast and retrieve