Wednesday, July 6, 2011

TNT 140 prop lure

On recent trips to La Zona, low water gives the opportunity for one to use topwater lures to catch monster golden dorado. I found the ISCA Marine Sports TNT 140 to out produce the other large prop lures made for peacock bass by a wide margin.

However the TNT 140 is practically impossible to buy in the United States. Kermett Adams of can create a similar prop lure. I tried out Kermett's prop lure on my last trip to La Zona and found it to work well. It creates a large "woosh" sound when jerked and puts out a big wake from its prop to call in the monster dorado.

Contact Kermett at for more information on these and other great prop lures Kermett makes for golden dorado and peacock bass.

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