Thursday, February 10, 2011


The spinnerbaits made by S.O.B. are the only models I have found to hold up to tough fighting fish such as peacock bass, tigerfish, and the La Zona dorado. S.O.B. uses heavy wire which will not get bent by these species. Also the company will custom make lures to your design. A friend used 1 to 3oz S.O.B. spinnerbaits in firetiger coloration to catch a few moster dorado in October. Spinnerbaits give you the option of buzzing it around the rocks or letting it sink and use a jigging type retrieve.

Certain spinnerbaits are manufactured with a R-bend in the wire where you tie your line or attach a leader while other types have a closed loop. The models with the R-bend, the leader snap is able to ride up the wire arm often resulting in fouled casts. To prevent this I take a small piece of shrink wrap and slide it over the R-bend and heat it to fit snug over the neck to prevent the snap from sliding.

Dorado fishermen should definately include a few of these spinnerbaits in their tackle arsenal!

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