Saturday, February 5, 2011


The Daiwa Dead or Alive fishing lure is a side swimming topwater hybrid swimbait plug which is designed to imitate a severly injured baitfish. It is made of wood, double jointed and features a bill positioned on the side of the baits head. The whole lure is curved and the hooks rest inside the inverted U shape. It has a large spinner blade on it's tail for added noise, action, and flash. It has 1 red eye and 1 black eye. It comes in Rainbow Trout, Fire Tiger Perch, Ayu, and Bass Bass colorations. Models come in 5 inches (1 3/8ox) or 6 inches (2 3/16oz)

I have 1 of these lures and plan on experimenting the retrieves on the golden dorado of La Zona in a few months. Believe it would be a great lure on monster peacocks and largemouth bass.

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