Friday, December 17, 2010

2010--What a Great Fishing Year!

During 2010, I most likely had the best fishing opportunities of my life to fantastic destinations most dream of. I had the opportunity to appear on local radio and discuss my favorite trips--thanks to Pat Renwick of the Region Bass Buzz on WJOB 1230 Hammond, IN. I started my own fishing blog at I hope you all visit it occasionally and offer suggestions or trip updates. Also was able to meet new fishing friends on the various fishing forums I visit daily.
My season started in February when I ventured back to Brazil into the Amazon Rainforest in search of monster peacock bass. We were greeted with very low water levels which made getting around the rivers tough. However, I was able to catch monster peacocks which weighed in at 21.5lbs and 20lbs. The rain in the Amazon is getting too unpredictable so I am putting this trip on hold for a few years.
In April, I went back to my favorite fishing spot, La Zona, which is located on the Uruguay River on the border of Argentina/Uruguay. This is a special place and the best place in the world to catch monster dorado. I lucked out and caught my largest to date a monster 46lbs.
In May, my Dad and I visited old friend, Bernie Meyer, at Yellow Lake in Webster, Wisconsin. We visited many old friends. My parents lived on the lake for many years.
In September, I fished out of Gary LaRose's Pumice Creek Lodge which is located on the Alaska Peninsula. The water levels on the river were extremely high, but guides Rudy and Todd were still able to put us onto the silver salmon. This is without question the best lodge in Alaska for big numerous silvers.
Late in September, Dad and I again went back to Yellow Lake. This time we concentrated on catching some walleyes rather than just visiting. Fishing was fair with a few big walleyes caught. The lake was also high.
In October, I was able to take the best all round fishing trip of my life to the wilds of Tanzania in search of monster tigerfish. Was able to see numerous amounts of wildlife including hippo, elephant, crocs, cape buffalo, plus numerous others. We had a great time catching tigerfish of our dreams.
Had the opportunity in 2010 to do some lure testing for Kermett Adams of These lures worked great on the peacock bass and dorado. Make sure you check out Kermett's site. Also I booked all trips with the help of Steve Yatomi of Check out his site also.
Hopefully 2011 is anothe winner. Have trips to Alaska, Wisconsin, La Zona, and Thailand planned and hopefully a trip for big bull redfish in Venice, LA.


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