Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Caught that monster fish of a lifetime and are looking to get a great mount so you can have a great memory of the catch. Check out Advanced Taxidermy at
www.advancedtaxidermy.com as they provide state of the art techniques to reproduce the fish that you caught! Check out their video at http://www.advancedtaxidermy.com/interview.html

The trophy fish are returned to fight again when getting a reproduction mount made. All you need is the length, girth, and weight plus a few good photos. Molds of killed fish have been made where fiberglass bodies are poured then painted to exact details of your trophy. The mounts will last a lifetime unlike skin mounts where the fish is killed which often bleeds oil after the taxidermist is done.

I am currently getting my trophy tigerfish made into a reproduction mount by these folks. Should make a great conversation piece!

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  1. I had my smallmouth bass replica done by Advanced Wildlife Designs and they did an excellent job, I highly recommend them.

    Dan Hanon