Friday, November 12, 2010

Lake Guri Venezuela

Friend and avid fisherman, Steve Ryan, had the opportunity to fish massive Lake Guri in Venezuela earlier this summer.

Lake Guri is one of the most exciting freshwater destinations in the world where one can catch trophy peacock bass and monster payara.

Massive Lake Guri, was formed by the construction of the Raul Leoni Dam which is one of the world's largest hydro-electric facility. It emcompasses over 3 million acres.

Guri is located about 325 miles from Caracas.

Steve had the pleasure of staying at Steve Shoulders Headwaters Fishing Club which is located on the SE side of Guri.

Steve was able to catch numerous trophy peacocks and payara. There are world class payara and peacocks in these waters with peacocks over 20lbs and payara over 30lbs.

Shoulders lodge was one of the most comfortable Ryan has visited in years of travel. The guides are topnotch and after experiencing Shoulder famous pork chops you definately will pack on a few pounds.

Shoulders is very flexible in the days of bookings from a few days to weeks.

For more information contact Steve Shoulders at

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