Monday, November 30, 2009


Looking for some great topwater action in a river system which has never been fished before? Well, Steve Yatomi of has found the spot in Suriname. The river system provides non-stop topwater action for a tooth critter called a wolf fish. These guys average around 15lbs and described by Yatomi as "jungle pit bull fish".

Numerous other species are also available such as peacock bass, monster piranha to 10lbs, and giant redtail catfish which can get well over 100lbs.

Yatomi was able to observe a variety of wildlife such as Tapirs, Giant River Otters,Amazon deer, Numerous macaws and other bird species. He also was able to see a few anaconda's and several orange non venomous snakes plus a few blue poison dart frogs.

Steve is hosting trips in Sept/Oct 2010 at this location and another for monster Lau Lau cats up to 150kg. Both trips are for 6 days of fishing, meals, charter flights, ground transfers and 2 nights lodging in Paramaribo. Cost in inexpensive for a trip such as this for $3200 and limited to 6 per week.

Act now to get in the action. You can contact Steve at

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