Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Veteran International fisherman and friend Steve Ryan retured yesterday from a great tigerfish trip in Tanzania. Steve caught numerous tigerfish including a 24lbs and 20lbs. Steve has fished for most freshwater species including peacock bass and dorado, but rates the tigerfish over them.
For more information on this trip, contact Steve Yatomi and
My group is booked for October 2010. Cannot wait to battle the giant tigers!

BTW: I write a free fishing newsletter about once a month with fishing reports from around the world and tips from others. Please e-mail your address to or write me at
Bob Daly
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Also I have just completed a small book entitled
The Search For Gold "A Field Guide to the Golden Dorado of La Zona
it is more or less a guide on tackle and what to expect at the lodge.
I currently have a few of my fishing pro friends going over it. If they like it, I will provide it for free hopefully in color as long as my printer lasts.

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