Thursday, November 12, 2009


I recently received a copy of Erwin Brown's book "Hunting The World". The book describes the adventures of world hunter and fisherman Erwin Brown. The book comes in hardback and is 307 pages. The following are the chapters in the book.

1. Whitetail deer

2. Antelope on the Prairie

3. Family sightseeing and Antelope Hunt

4. Triple Luck

5. Alberta Horse Train hunt

6. Polar Bear Adventure

7. Alaska Mixed Bag hunt

8. Arctic Grizzly

9. Newfoundland Black Bear

10. Kodiak Island Brown Bear

11. Southeast Alaska Brown bears

12. Glacier Bear on the Alsek River, Alaska

13. The search for a Stone Sheep

14. The Rocky Mountain Goat

15. Vancouver Island Bears

16. Dall's Sheep in the Alaska Range

17. Muskox of the Arctic Tundra

18. Arctic Islands Perry Caribou

19. North American Wild Sheep Grand Slam

20. California Bighorn Sheep

21. A Cat for Christmas

22. Arctic Wood Bison Safari

23. Royal Slam of Wild Turkeys

24. Mozambique Safari

25. The Search for Leopard and Kudu in Zambia

26. Tanzania Safari

27. Namibia Safari

28. A Hunting Tour of Spain

29. Spanish Red Stag and Beceita Ibex

30. Shotgunning with the Elite in Europe

31. Gobi Argali Sheep in Mongolia

32.Transcaspian Urial Sheep in Turkmenistan

33. New Zealand Whitetail Deer

34. Water Buffalo in Tropical Australia

35. Banteng on the Coburg Peninsula- Australia

36. Chamois & Himalayan Tahr in the Southern Alps

37. New Caledonai Rusa Deer

38. Papua New Guinea Safari

39. Australian Mixed Bag Hunt

40. Free Ranging Red Stag & Sika Deer in New Zealand

the book is fabulous reading and has many great photos. For ordering info contact me at and I will put you in touch with Erwin

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