Saturday, April 2, 2016

Rapala Magnum lures

Rapala recently introduced the X-Rap Magnum 40 series and the Super Shad Rap Magnum series.  The Mag 40 is capable of reaching depths to 40ft.  The Mag 30 is on of my favorite lures to catch monster giant golden dorado at La Zona and am sure the 40 series would catch some monster dorado!.  The Super Shad Rap Magnum has a similar body to the current Super Shad Rap; however, the magnum series has a metal bill instead of the plastic bill.  This will enable better results around rocks and other hard structure which can break the plastic.  This lure is also a favorite fishing at La Zona, Papua New Guinea, and practically every destination I have visited.
However, I have not yet seen these lures available in the United States.  They are available in Europe and Australia.  Hopefully, rapala will introduce these lures in the USA soon!

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