Saturday, April 9, 2016


In my previous blog, I mentioned some Rapala lures such as the Magnum 40 and the Super Shad Rap Magnum which I have not seen in the USA.  I contacted friend, Tom Ashby, who owns the American Legacy Fishing Company.  Tom contacted his Rapala USA representative to inquire about these sought lures.  In short, Tom finds out that Rapala is organized into different and separate companies by various locations throughout the world, and unfortunately, they do not share products.  So it looks like the Mag 40s, the Mag 30 in the UV colorations, the Super Shad Rap Magnum, and others great rapala lures will not be available ti ne unless I can find them on ebay.  Knowing this, on my next overseas adventure I plan on stocking up on these impossible to get great lures by Rapala.

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