Thursday, November 12, 2015


Ever have on your bucket list to catch a 50+ lbs golden dorado and a monster rainbow trout which tips the scale over 20lbs?  Well both these can be caught on the same trip with a small amount of planning.  The largest golden dorado on earth swim in an area known as "La Zona" which is located on the Uruguay River near the border of Argentina/Uruguay.
You would fly into Buenos Aires and have the lodge drive you to the fishery which is located in Concordia.  The fishing is limited to Friday through Monday which believe me is enough time to land your 50+lbs dream fish!  If your arms can handle more, friend Carlos Casanello can arrange to have you flown from La Zona and wind up on the southern end of Argentina in the area known as Patagonia and fish at his Jurassic Lake Lodge for the monster rainbow trout.  Here you can fish either a 1/2 or full week to land more trophy rainbows then you ever imagined.

 I have fished both locations and they are world class!  Two of the best run lodges on earth!
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