Sunday, November 15, 2015


On every International Fishing trip I take, time permitting, I try to venture into a local tackle store to purchase local lures for my collection and use.  Pro Anglers in Buenos Aires is the best tackle store in Argentina,  Here you find find rods, reels, tackle, and an assortment of outdoor gear.  Many names will be familiar to the USA fishermen such as Rapala, Shimano, Daiwa to name a few.  Shimano is by far the popular reel brand in Argentina.  Normally they pay as much as four times what we can get these items in the USA.  Rapala makes rods and even waders which I have never seen in the USA.  Pro Anglers carries a variety of Alfers lures which are the tops in Argentina in my opinion.  Marine sports makes great choppers call the TNT and these are fantastic on peacock bass as well as golden dorado.
There is a popper named the moinotauro gold which is deadly on golden dorado in low water.
So on your next trip overseas, stop by the local tackle store and you might be surprised by the assortment and quality of lures.  If stopping by Pro Anglers make sure to tell Facu and Marco that your friends with me and am sure they will give you a good deal!

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