Saturday, November 15, 2014

Sharks in Alaska?

When you think of sharks, I bet you do not think of them swimming in the frigid cold waters of Alaska? However, there is a speices,the salmon shark, which can regulate it's body temperature to survive these brutal conditions. Salmon sharks are a species of the mackerel shark and found in the Northern Pacific Ocean. They feed on salmon, ie. salmon shark. They can reach weights around 700lbs with lengths over 10ft. The maximum age is around 25 years. Salmon shark possess large teeth capable of inflecting damage to humans. However no known salmon shark attacks have been documented. There are numerous top charter boats in Homer, Valdez, Seward, among others to put you into battle with these brutes. Top bait is fresh whole pink salmon. I have never had the experience of fishing for salmon shark but hopefully one day will do it. I have seen caught salmon sharks on the docks of Valdez. So next time your up in Alaska for a halibut or salmon trip, make sure to plan a day for the salmon shark.

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