Thursday, July 3, 2014


Friend and avid fly fishermen Jeff Berg recently made a return trip to Scott Lake Lodge in search of monster Northern pike on the fly. Scott Lake is located on the border of the NorthWest Territories and Saskatchewa. Here over 100,000 acres of water teaming with monster pike, huge lake trout, and trophy arctic grayling awaits avid anglers. Scott Lake caters especially to fly fishermen putting them on monster pike daily. Their boats have bow casting platforms which aids in fly casting to pike. Jeff has visited Scott Lake numerous times and says this was perhaps his best trip there for monster pike. Jeff and his partner landed a total of 21 monster/trophy pike over 40 inch including 2x 45in. The best fly according to Jeff was a 6in black bunny leach. Jeff said the ice had recently gone out which stage the pike up in the warmer shallow bays. Often, they can be sight casted and resemble large logs laying in the water sunning themselves. For more information check out

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