Monday, February 18, 2013

Potential World Record Golden Dorado

According to friends at Untamed Angling, a potential world record golden dorado was caught Saturday.  The monster weighed in at a whopping 56lbs.  The current IGFA world record is 55lbs 11oz caught on the Uruguay River in La Zona by Andre L. S. de Botton on Jan 16, 2004.  If all the paperwork and guidelines setforth by IGFA are complete,  the recent caught would top Botton's record.  La Zona is home to the monster dorado- the largest which swim on earth!  Untamed Angling has experienced guides to put you on records as I am 100% sure larger dorado than 56lbs swim in these waters. 
For more information on La Zona, contact Steve Yatomi at or email him at

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