Friday, February 8, 2013


Recently, the Papuan Black Bass has received the attention it rightfully deserves.  There is an excellent article in March/ April 2013 edition of the "In-Fisherman" magazine.  The article, "Adventure Not Wanting" is written by friend Steve Ryan who was with on our trip to PNG.  (I am the 200lb angler mentioned in the article and yes indeed, I did get knocked to my face).  Also, in the January/ February/ March 2013 edition of the "International Angler" published by the IGFA there is an excellent article written by Julien Lajournade titled "Snapper of the Lost World".  This well written article puts into account the adventure of  fishing into a remote destination such as the jungles of PNG.  With these articles, I am sure that the flood of anglers seeking monster PNG bass will increase drastically.  To get in while the fishery is still untapped contact friends Jason Yip at and Steve Yatomi at

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