Thursday, December 13, 2012


The IGFA recently recognized Jason Yip's monster PNG black bass (Papuan Black Snapper) as the all tackle world record.  Jason's monster bass weighed in at 46lbs and was caught during early August while I was in camp.  This bass shatters the existing record landed by Len Bradica of 42 lb 5 oz landed in 1992! Jason has done much to promote the fisheries in the remote jungles of PNG.  Here, Jason says much larger PNG bass swim waiting to get landed.  With roughly 99% of the PNG wild rivers never seeing a lure who knows how large these brutes can grow!  Having had the opportunity to fish the top fisheries throughout the world for freshwater species, the PNG black bass has no seconds when it comes to battling with an angler.  Broken lines,shattered rods, stripped reels, pulled apart split rings, and destroyed lures are the norm when it comes to PNG fishing.  The rivers in the Gulf area have in recent years produced some monster bass and Jason knows exactly where, when, and how to land these monsters.  There is much more to do in PNG than fishing as Jason arranges for visits with local native villages during the trip which is an experience I will never forget.  Check out Jason's site at or get in touch with
Steve Yatomi at to have the opportunity to break Jason's record and put your name in the record books!

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