Monday, August 13, 2012


During my recent trip to Papua New Guinea for monster black bass and barramundi, I fished with the new baitcaster the Shimano TranX PG.  The TranX is a giant sized rounded reel which boasts a powerful gear ratio of 4:6:1.  The reel puts out an amazing 25lbs of drag pressure,  This was needed to turn these PNG black bass out of the various logs.  PNG bass are amazing!  They simply can described to a freight train that swims!  Teamed up with 200lbs PowerPro, the TranX was able to subdue monster black bass up to 40lbs and also big barramundi which swim in the same water as the PNG black bass!   PNG is am amazing, unknown fishery.  I have been fortunate to fish all the amazing freshwater species on this earth and rate the strike of the PNG bass to be at the top.  I was literally knocked on my face after my trophy bass hit my Rapala Giant Shad Rap.  For more information on PNG fishing contact STeve Yatomi at

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