Saturday, August 25, 2012


During my recent fishing adventure to Papua New Guinea, the group stayed with the locals in their small village under the guidanace of Jason Yip,  The tribal people of Papua New Guinea get a bad rap by falsely being said to be mean, unrespectful, etc.  I found all of the tribes we encountered to be very friendly. Each day while travelling down the river we would pass by various villages of which the locals would run out of their huts to wave hello to us.  I was able to visit a local school which was practically a roof with a few boards and a blackboard.  The students put on a great show for us and the locals invited us into their village.  As you have read in the other posts, the fishing in Papua New Guinea is awesome!  However, one of the favorite parts of my trip was meeting the local tribes. 
During the trip we gave out numerous shirts, hats, duffel bags, notebooks, and soccer balls to the various tribes due to generous donations by Cargill and Tom Ashby of the American Legacy Fishing Company.  Our group sent in donations to help buy the local village school some much needed supplies.
Papua New Guinea is probably the last remaining unexplored land on earth.  Headhunters and cannibals still exist with tribes having never encountered an outsider.  How long will this last, God only knows, so get to PNG as soon as possible for dream trip of your lifetime.
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