Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Tired of losing monster fish to weak split rings? Look no further than Wolverine tackle's triple coiled split rings. These are by far the strongest rings on earth. Friend Art did testing on numerous brands of rings and the Wolverine's had the strongest strength hands down! Most of the rings come in either Zinc/Nickel with Trivalent Chromate or Stainless Steel. Wolverine Tackle recently came out with a new Size #4 for bass fishermen which has a outside diameter of 0.292 and has a pull strength of 12olbs on the stainless steel models, 110lbs on the zinc chromate. Also, they have come out with a new #5 custom thinner ring which is perfect for lures with smaller hook eyes. It is rated for 90lbs strength and diameter of 0.312. I recently met up with Terry Trattner of Wolverine Tackle and believe they are going to produce very large rings up to size #10. Believe me, to tangle with tough critters such as golden dorado, tigerfish, PNG bass, and others I replace all lures with Wolverine Tackle Triple Coiled Rings. For more information check out

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