Friday, February 10, 2012


With many airlines having restrictions on the size of baggage one is allowed, many anglers including myself have switched over to using 2 piece fishing rods. I am often asked what is the best 2 piece rod which can handle the battles put out by the La Zona golden dorado. The Muskie Angler Rods from Bass Pro Shops are my favorite especially the 2 piece 6ft 6in model MA66MHT-2. These powerful rods are made of lightweight IM6 graphite blands. Each rod is fitted with Fuji reel seats, Fuji Hardloy guides, and Portuguese cork handles. The rod action is rated as fast and can handle lures up to 3 ounces. A weight balance system is built into the rod butt and includes a set of brass weights. After landing golden dorado up to 48lbs on these rods, I highly recommend you consider them before you next International Fishing Adventure for monster fish!!

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