Saturday, November 12, 2011


Most all have heard in the news about the terrible flooding taking place in Thailand. The flooding took place mostly in the northern Thailand. The government did a great job to stop the Savarnabhumi Airport from flooding and to have the tourist areas around Bangkok to remain dry.

Now would be a great time to take advantage of the numerous cancellations by fishermen due to the reported flooding which allowed the majority of the fisheries to remain unfished for some time.

Thailand is a very long flight from the United States. The majority of flights go through Seoul, Korea or Tokyo, Japan to Bangkok Thailand where you will be met by your fishing guides.

The majority of fishing in Thailand is in private ponds where many monsterous fish live. Numerous species such as Arapaima, arawana, alligator gar, amazon red tail catfish, black pacu, giant snakehead, giant stingray, Julian's golden prize carp, Mekong catfish, Siamese carp, sorubim, barramundi, plus numerous others reach monsterous sizes and are waiting to be caught.

The majority of fishermen, veteran or first timers, will likely catch the largest fish of their lives in Thailand. The majority of fishing is done from the bank unless you venture into the wild jungles.

Thailand is a very friendly, crime free country. The food and hotels are outstanding. Bangkok also is world know for it's nightlife which I can attest to!

So, if your looking to catch the fish of your dreams, look no further than Thaland for your next International fishing destination.

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I am making a return trip shortyly so watch for updates on this blog and facebook!

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