Sunday, November 6, 2011


Giant tigerfish, especially those of the Mnyera and Ruhuji Rivers, are one of the toughest freshwater fighters I have experienced. These tigerfish jump often to toss hooks, have a very bony mouth preventing good hook sets, and are as fast as lighting.

On the Mnyera and Ruhuji Rivers, which are located in Tanzania, the tigerfish can exceed a whopping 25lbs.

Casting to structure is a key to land these monsters. Log jams and rocks are excellent spots to make multiple casts.

Since these rivers enforce the use of single barbless hooks finding the right hook is a key. The hooks must be strong as steel and razor sharp. I had excellent results using the Owner AKI hook. Numerous hook sets are necessary to drive the point into the tigers mouth.

Double split rings are necessary to have the single hook ride true. Those made by OWNER or SPRO are excellent as the eye of the AKI hook is too small for the triple coiled spilt rings by Wolvernine tackle.

Minnow baits such as saltwater Rapala X-Raps in gold were excellent along with OWNER Cultiva Minnows and Savoy Rads. Large spinnerbaits such as the extra strong models made by SOB caught numerous tigers.

If you are planning on heading to Africa for the amazing tigerfish, be prepared to battle one of the most ferocious beasts that swims!

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