Wednesday, January 5, 2011

IGFA launches New All Tackle Length Record category

Starting Jan 1, 2011 IGFA launched a new way to have a World Record Fish. Now, there is a catagory for the longest length of numerous species. This is a 100% release category where the fish must be returned unharmed. Also, fish that are entered for the All-Tackle Length category are not eligible for the weight categories. A few of the rules are as follows:
--All fish entered for the All-Tackle length records must be measured on an official IGFA Measuring device which can be purchased on the IGFA website.
--Gaffs are not allowed to land fish for All-Tackle length records
--Photos must include the full length of the fish on the measuring device clearly showing the position of the mouth and tail.
--Photos must include a close-up of the fish's nose and tail on the measuring device
--Photos must include the angler with the fish.
--Photos must include the rod and reel used to make the catch
--The line must be submitted to IGFA with the proper application

Check the IGFA website for more information and a list of eligible species and minimum Lengths! Or write or phone 954-924-4246 with questions or concerns

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