Saturday, July 10, 2010

dbuzz lure for dorado and peacock bass by

Casted Kermett Adams new buzz bait dbuzz today at the local pond. The lure works great and will definately be a dorado and peacock bass killer. The lure body is 4 inches long with an approx 3.5 inch diameter.It has duel counter rotating blades which puts out a big wake when reeled in. The blades are 2inches. There is a body hook 2/0 Owner and back hook 2/0 Owner both with quality Wolverine split rings. It has a rotating swivel for the body hook. From the front wire tie up to back hook it is 7 inches long. Kermett is going to make a slightly smaller Jr. dbuzz which will also be great.Cast these lures around the rocks at La Zona for monster dorado! Check out for more of his custom made dorado and peacock bass lures.

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